Counselling Services

On the Sunshine Coast, in comfort, you can analyze in Maroochydore, knowing that our enjoyment and friendly staff are exceptionally capable and enthusiastic about seeing you succeed. Headspace Maroochydore is a partnership of local health and community service organisations having an objective to supply fully integrated primary health care services in one youth ” surroundings that is friendly for young people. The Sunshine Coast Psychology Clinic enjoys an enviable reputation among teachers, pediatricians, general practitioners and other professionals that are local along with a confident relationship with people and families. We are a team of committed and dedicated psychologists who provide a professional service based on best practice knowledge and experience, and a genuine care for our clients.

Trained volunteers that are RTSQ attend Youth Justice Conferences, in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast region, to assist young people charged over road events. Mission Statement: Engage the mental conscience of the driving community to take personal responsibility and honour our obligation to the youth of Australia. Every one of our services are in no cost to the young person or their family, and many are bulk billed.

She's worked full time for - government and government specialist counselling services for children and teenagers, including counselling services for family therapy and neglect, adolescent substance misuse, child abuse, and child and youth mental health services. She's had writings published in professional journals and published a book chapter marriage counselling sunshine coast in the area of creative therapies with teens and children. At Sunshine Coast Children's Psychology we worth supplying a variety of services to families and children on the Sunshine Coast and working with other professionals.